1. What format are your labels and MSDS sheets?

The majority of our labels and MSDS sheets are in the Acrobat/PDF format with a small number in the popular Microsoft Word .doc format.

2. How do I obtain copies of labels and MSDS sheets?

Go to the product section and click on either the label or MSDS link this should open the label or MSDS required in your browser (assuming that you have Acrobat Reader/Microsoft Word software installed - see 1st Q&A).

3. How do I save a copy of your label or MSDS sheet?

In one of 2 ways.a) If you have the label or MSDS open in Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word you can click on the save button and save a copy locally on your machine OR b) Put your mouse over the label or MSDS link for the product you are interested in, right click and select the choice "save target as" you then select where on your machine you wish to save it and then click "save" to download the label or MSDS concerned.

4. I want a number of labels and MSDS sheets - can you send them to save me time?

Yes - email a list of your requirements to info@cpp.ag and we will send them back by email as soon as possible.

5. Do you produce a product use manual or leaflets on your products?

No - Our information is only available in the electronic format detailed above. By doing this we try to ensure that product information is the latest and most up to date.

6. Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes - Clayton Plant Protection Ltd is committed to protecting your privacy and does not collect any personal information when you visit this web site. Information submitted via an email link on the site will only be used by Clayton Plant Protection Ltd to answer that specific query and will not be passed onto a third party or used for any other purpose by Clayton Plant Protection Ltd. We do not store information on your computer in the form of "cookies" and all elements of the website should be accessible whether your Internet Browser is set to block cookies or not.